Learn the secrets and techniques of the strong performance of Submarines through Om Kiki RK

Kacer Orbitan Submarine (KS), Rizki Dwi P (Kiki RK) keeps to gain achievements in diverse latber and latpres occasions within the Bandung and surrounding areas. Even within the occasion on the BC Bandung Harmony Field, this gaco usually scored a hat trick victory.

Kacer Submarine
Kacer Submarine: From Jambi triumph in Muara Enim (Sumsel) and Bandung (Jabar).
If traced further, kacer Submarine used to belong to Kicaumania from Jambi. His identify was kacer Rimba and he had participated within the Kapolres Cup in a single among the districts in Jambi Province.

At that point there was Romania from Muara Enim, South Sumatra, which monitored its motion within the Kapolres Cup. After the race, birds had been introduced to Muara Enim, which can also be the dwelling of Om Kiki RK.

TBB makes sniffing birds joss
Three years ago, Om Kiki, who's a retainer of Bakul Manuk SF, Bandung, once more and forth to his hometown. He met his friend, the hen race jury, who bought a prospect kacer, his identify was Submarine aka KS.

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Om Kiki RK
Om Kiki RK, Kicaumania from Muara Enim who's now living in Bandung.
"But I'm now not certain yet. Because whilst monitored, birds nonetheless like naughty, usually crashing into the cage wall. But in phrases of volume, duration, material, and sort is quite luxurious, "said Om Kiki to omkicau.com.

He then monitored KS once more in a latpres event. In the primary session, the submarine glass was nonetheless insistent, so it in simple terms got a nomination. Only within the moment session, birds began to play beautifully, one point, with translucent volumes. The roll-shoot cloth is nearly with out pause, with a complete tail open.

That's the place Om Kiki began to like KS. Especially within the moment session, KS was an enormous hit, with out breaking the flag. When koncer, many gamers who desire to advise KS. Om Kiki does now not panic. Da is sure, if his sustenance, KS won't fall into person else's hands.

Apparently KS was nonetheless gambling once more within the third session. The subject was in wet conditions. But kacer Submarines nonetheless seem stable, though now not the past session. This time KS needed to accept being moment place.

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After the latpres. Om Kiki and his pal went straight to the owner's area with the excuse of short of to play and speak about KS.

kacer jawara
Submarine: Power and the period of its luxurious work.
The subsequent day, he opened the chat and claimed he had a crush on KS. He also requested for the dowry he needed to pay if he needed to advise a submarine.

But the proprietor is nonetheless hesitant, simply due to the fact he feels KS isn't a complicated bird. His every day life enters like mbagong. In the end, he was prepared to quit KS simply due to the fact he needed to concentrate on the stone magpie.

To advise to KS, Om Kiki ought to redeem it for Rp. 8 million. "This Mahar is quite enormous for me or the of us in my village. But I'm sure, the charge is similar to the prospect later, "added Om Kiki.

Arriving in Bandung, Om Kiki RK began to repair KS's condition. After recovering and being fit, the birds premiered within the nearby Ebod Cigereleng Bandung title. He won the primary trophy.

"The plan is to move down NULL sessions. But the moment session had no participants, so I seemed for one other field, Sulaiman Berkicau. It became out that KS won first place. I am extra strong with this bird, "said Om Kiki again.

The following week, KS began to provide his finest performance within the Harmony Field BC, with a hat trick (three instances first place). Since then, birds have nearly all the time scored a hat trick within the Harmony Field of BC.

According to Om Kiki, there are a few benefits of Submarine Glass. Among different things, the performance could be very stable. Power and period of work also are balanced, so the work is all the time complete, nearly with out pause.

kacer care
Some trophies and trophies for submarines.
"Not to point out the cloth of his fancy roll, as though calling on a jury. As quickly simply due to the fact the jury monitors, the hen is filled with capturing long, "he added.

Want to understand the mystery of kacer Submarine has a strong performance, with energy and period of work above average? It became out that the mixture of Testo Bird Booster ( TBB ) and Chirpy voer commonly inspired the performance of the very good KS.

TBB is one among the stronger merchandise of Om Kicau which has been shown to be utilized through many hen owners. The Chirpy voer used is green.

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