Kacer Putra Merapi with papaya starch and bruccia filling material

Kacer Putra Merapi is an antique gaco that nonetheless survives till now. The hero who's now the belongings of Om Yantri N Octavianus (YnC SF Balikpapan) as soon as competed all-out in opposition to Adipati, one among the nationwide finest avid gamers at that time.

Om Yantri was one among the noted fowl avid gamers in East Kalimantan. He has a vast quantity of people, adding Putra Merapi, Srikandi, Hercules, Paku Bumi (PKB), Putra Mahakam, and Drogba. Srikandi and PKB also are a scourge for his or her opponents, rather in occasions in East Kalimantan.

There is an exciting tale about kacer Putra Merapi. This fowl used to belong to Om Budi Robot, the chairman of the East Java BnR who settled in Surabaya. One time, Om Yantri turned the organizer of a fowl race (YnC Cup 2) in Balikpapan, January 2015. Putra Merapi and Duke equally seemed and turned the star of the area at that time.

TBB makes sniffing birds joss
"Since then, I desire to advise one or equally of those vast glasses. After the race, I went instantly to Java, to meet Om Budi Robot. I also met the proprietor of the Duke, however the fee was uncertain. Finally, the only and merely treat Putra Merapi, "explained Om Yantri to omkicau.com.

Regarding prices, Om Yantri was reluctant to expose it. But from the grapevine of the folks closest to him, the dowry that ought to be paid is additional than Rp 200 million. The Duke who originally belonged to Om YY Arema (Malang) now belongs to Om Deko (Samarinda).

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In the arms of Om Yantri, the achievements of Putra Merapi have been increasingly made. This fowl isn't just a mainstay for YnC SF Balikpapan, but in addition usually strengthens the Fitri Team of Samarinda BKS in diversified occasions on Java and Kalimantan.

Kacer Putra Merapi (PM) does have a quantity of advantages. When or no longer it has been restrained, at all times play one point. The track cloth is the sound of papaya starlings, brujas, and different small birds.

This fowl is semi-wild, so it isn't unquestionably approachable. But when or no longer it's within the process, even although the place of the race is close to the road and the judges are self-conscious , the PM is with the aid of way of no means afraid.

"Even if there may be a jury beneath it, PM is on the backside of the corner, and nonetheless shoot the jury below. "In the center of Tangkringan, the variety is jeglek , the neck is ngegondok whereas sitting sweetly," explained Om Yantri.

Tips for Putra Merapi's glass treatments
Everyday, kacer Putra Merapi is handled with the aid of way of Om Topan who's also loyal to defend him when competing. The following are info of each day care, forward of the race, and the festival that he utilized to Putra Merapi.

laugh PM
Om Topan (hold the koncer flag) whereas escorting Putra Merapi.
a. Daily care (Monday - Thursday):
Birds are positioned in a cage, beginning at 5:00 to 11:00.
Birds also shower within the cage, but merely within the morning.
The predominant feed is a yellow Topsong voer.
Additional meals / additional fooding (EF) contains crickets and kroto.
The component of crickets 3/3 (morning / evening). Kroto is given each different day, with 1 tablespoon serving.
Everyday, the cage isn't in a crankcase.
Masteran makes use of stay birds, specifically papaya starlings, flower anis, cucak rawis, branjang, black throat, blacken, and konin.
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Om Yantri
Om Yantri, alongside with Om the Typhoon, shoulder to shoulder collectively with PM.
b. Treatment forward of the race (Friday and Saturday):
Starting on D-2 (Friday), the cage is absolutely packed.
Birds aren't bathed or dried.
The component of crickets is jacked up, no less than 40.
Kroto is given to his heart's content.
kacer jawara
Om Dix ​​(2 from left), Om Yantri's colleague, usually also escorts PM to the field.
c. H-Day Care (Sunday):
The morning earlier than the chili, the fowl bathes and dried within the sun to dry.
The component of crickets and kroto is given at will.
When within the field, whereas resting, EF is at all times checked. In essence, kacer ought to no longer run out of kroto and crickets.
Om Yantri
Om Yantri usually won large occasions in Java and Kalimantan.
With such specified care, Putra Merapi maintains to make his finest achievements. Even PM usually won hat trick and double winners in diversified large occasions on Kalimantan and Java.

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In the Kapolres Cup 2 Paser contest and the Bontang Police Chief, a quantity of occasions ago, Putra Merapi managed to win NULL classes, as nicely as being named the finest kacer.

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