Kacer Om's new mainstay, Om Agus Arizon

In addition to breeding stone magpies and lovebird with the label Arizon BF, Om Agus Arizon (Opie Team) can also be diligent in engaging in hen contests in Jambi City and its surroundings. Even typically gambling in different provinces in Sumatra. One of the brand new gaco orbitan Om Agus is kacer Exotic , which he sold on the start of Ramadan.

kacer Exotic
Kacer Exotic new mainstay Om Agus Arizon (Opie Team Jambi).
For fairly a lengthy time, Om Agus Arizon struggled to hunt the exotic. He has been eyeing him for NULL years, but Om Heru (the past owner) hasn't needed to permit him go, simply due to the fact or no longer it's nonetheless a shame.

Om Agus continued to lobby, and lastly got here to fruition final month. Exotic is launched with a dowry of Rp. 12 million.

TBB makes sniffing birds joss
"I like Exotic Exotic , as it has a crackle type. The songs are many, adding cililin, propagation, hummingbirds, and Java beards. The variety of gambling can also be unique, or no longer it's good to see it linger, "Om Agus Arizon informed omkicau.com.

No surprise the performance is all the time stable. When competing, Exotic is no longer usally a "friend" or merely depositing ticket cash with out ever carrying a prize (money / trophy / certificate). That has occurred since I was within the palms of Om Heru. The following are a few Exotic kacer achievements :

Stedy Field with BnR Jury (1st, 1st)
Brajo Natural Field with Juri Oriq Jaya (1,1)
Sakti Field with Juri Ronggolawe Nusantara / RN (1, 3)
Donorejo Field with Juri Radjawali Indonesia / RI (1)
Bakung Field with Indonesian Jury Master Independent / MII (1)
Bird Bulldozer Field with the Phenomenal Jury Jambi / JFJ (2,3).
kacer care
Charter series and kacer Exotic victory trophy.
Exotic Exotic Tips
What's extra fun, Exotic is an trustworthy bird. The remedy is fairly simple, there isn't even a vast difference among day by day and pre-race care. Here's the description:

Every morning, birds are condensed.
The fundamental feed is inexperienced voer Gold Coin.
Extra fooding (EF) includes crickets and kroto.
Crickets are given each day, at 5/5 (morning / evening). Especially throughout the race (D-Day), the portion went as much as 10/10.
Kroto is purely given Tuesday and Saturday, with 1 tablespoon serving.
Drinking water ought to be changed each day.
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how to take care of kacer birds
Exotic Exotic Treatment Tips.
In the afternoon, birds shower within the cage.
At night, the cage was packed full.
In the morning earlier than the race, birds have been given a non-fruit Lasegar drink.
Arriving on the race arena, the birds have been in short obliterated till the conditions have been on fire . After that, the team again and have been competent to be hanged.
Jambi Opie Team
Om Agus Arizon along with his Jambi Opie Team colleagues.
Even although it was just a month within the palms of Om Agus Arizon, many gamers have been interested in asking for his hand. Some even dare to bid Rp. 40 million. But Om Agus did no longer desire to permit him move first. "For singing, especially the inter-provincial race tour," stated Om Agus. (neolithicum)

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