Kacer Bells of Nerako orbitan Om David Carlo

One year in the hands of Om David Carlo (Budiman Team Jambi), kacer Bells Nerako becomes "hell" for his enemies at the race field. This chicken retains to carve its achievements in Jambi Province. No surprise the value has now reached Rp. 100 million.

kacer Nerako's bell
Kacer The bell of Nerako is the mainstay of Om David Carlo.
But Om David did not want to rush to release this flagship gaco. He still wants to play it in the race arena, while capable for "crazy buyers". Unmitigated, Om David asked for a Rp 500 million dowry for anyone who wants to suggest kacer to the champion.

In the hands of Om David Carlo, Nerako's bell revamped proper correct into a vast kacer. Some of his achievements include:

TBB makes sniffing birds joss
Police Chief of the Tanjab Cup (1st area winner, 1 st)
Sakau Cup, Jambi City (1, 1)
Kapolres Cup, Sarolangun (1, 1)
Anniversary MII, Jambi City (1)
Kapolresta Cup, Jambi City (1)
Dandim Cup, Tanjabtim (2, 2, 3)
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Om David Carlo
Om David Carlo with the Nerako Bell.
Even though the chicken was obtained in April 2018, while monitoring it on a latberan. The charge is still cheap. "I bought it from Om Tono Godek, a chicken seller, as soon as I tested his hands on latber shows," Om David Carlo instructed omkicau.com.

An easy method to get omkicau files
kacer jawara
Charter collection and Nerako Bell victory trophy.
He likes the kind of kacer Nerako bells are unique, temporary (shocking), has a good duration, and a continuous shot. Not simply that, Nerako's bell can be nagen, invariably playing at one stage of playing.

Tips at the cure of kacer Bells for Nerako
Everyday, maintenance of the Nerako Bell is entrusted to Om Pendy who at the identical time escorts him in the field. There was no broad difference amongst each day and pre-race care. The following is a summary:

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